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Non Ablative Fractional

For the treatment of fine lines, wrinkle reduction, scar treatment and coagulation resulting in tissue tightening with virtually no down time for patients. Non ablative fractional lasers typically use wavelengths from 1320nm up to 1550nm to create micro-thermal zones of heat in the skin by coagulating tissue without ablating the epidermis.

The Cynosure Affirm is the only non ablative laser on the market that offers a dual wavelength treatment protocol. Patented Multiplex technology is utilised enabling sequential emission of two wavelengths (1320nm and 1440nm) through a single delivery fibre for more effective tissue coagulation and deep tissue tightening. Lower energies can be used during treatments, maximising patient comfort and aiding faster recovery times.

CAP technology is a specialised lens used on the Affirm that distributes laser energy into varied levels of heat intensities to simultaneously stimulate and remodel collagen.

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