Laser Interlock Systems

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Lasermet Interlock Systems enable organisations to comply with best practice when providing laser users with a safe environment in which to operate hazardous lasers. Designed for maximum safety and efficiency, these Interlock Systems are configured to provide automatic shut-off of the laser beam if safety doors, covers or blinds are opened.

Every Lasermet Interlock System meets all relevant European Standards - in particular EN954-1 (Category 3 Safety System); EN61508 (SIL4); EN61010 and EN 60947-1. They also conform to the Machinery Directive; Low Voltage Directive and EMC Directive.


Lasermet offers a range of 3 Interlock Systems. All are designed to provide a comprehensive and highly versatile laser safety environment which is easy to install, operate and maintain. They are able to operate laser interlocks, laser power, beam shutters and warning signs and can be fitted with entry/exit overrides and emergency stop switches. A key-lock prevents unauthorised use.

The Laser Interlock System ICS-1 is widely regarded as the industry standard and is used in many hundreds of laboratories, hospitals, clinics and other areas where hazardous lasers are being operated. An optional heavy-duty interlocked power supply, the IPS-11, is available for the interlocking of ring mains, large power supplies or multiple lasers in the same room.

The Laser Interlock System ICS-10 is an intelligent development of the ICS-1, being fitted with a computer interface for configuration and system monitoring. Up to 16 interlock switches can be monitored via a hard-wired safety circuit, with a data monitor circuit providing an extra safety check. Wall-mounted and portable versions are available.

The Laser Interlock System ICS-5 is the most recent system to be added to the Lasermet range and incorporates the latest in electronic technology. It is intended as a low-cost alternative for use in small laboratories or clinics. It has all the safety features of the ICS-1 and is supplied with a simple, easy-to-use control panel which can be wired directly to 4 interlocks or groups of interlocks.

For advice on selecting the most appropriate and cost-effective Laser Interlock System for protecting the users of your laser system, please contact us to talk to one of our highly-experienced laser safety consultants.