Laservac™ 750 Smoke Evacuator

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Laservac™ 750 Smoke Evacuator

The Laservac 750™ Smoke Evacuation System has been designed to remove all smoke, plume, particulates and obnoxious odours helping to create a safe and pleasant environment for health care professionals when performing laser surgery or using electrocautery devices.

The machine is small, portable and lightweight and virtually noiseless in operation with variable flow capabilities, ideally suited for all types of laser surgery. It is very simple to use with a full range of disposable filters and accessories including a pneumatic foot switch.

The Laservac 750™ filtration system consists of high efficiency filters connected in series, (one inside the other). The primary filter removes bulk contamination whilst the secondary filter de-odourises the air and removes down to virus size particles. Due to the direct link between the filters and their location prior to the vacuum motor there is no possibility of contamination reaching other components or the inside of the cabinet.



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