Laservac 850 Smoke Evacuator

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Laservac 850 Smoke Evacuator

Walker Filtration is a world leader in the field of laser smoke extraction equipment and was one of the earliest pioneers of evacuation technology. The Laservac 850 is well respected by leading surgeons and nursing staff throughout the world, dealing simply and effectively with smoke plume and aerosols produced in CO2, diathermy and erbium procedures.

Mobile, compact and robust the small footprint of the Laservac 850 makes it ideal for any surgical setting or procedure.

The Laservac concept guarantees a clean, safe working environment removing the potentially dangerous and unpleasant smoke plumes produced during medical laser surgery.

The Laservac 850 Smoke Evacuator machine is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 quality management procedures and has been approved to international standards and carries the CE, CSA and UL approval marks.


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