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Fat Reduction

SlimME™ is a safe and extremely efficient non-surgical and non-invasive procedure for cosmetic and aesthetic contouring and body shaping, developed based on extensive research. The SlimME™ system is based on tissue heating achieved by the synergy of uniform Ultrasound and Radio-Frequency and followed by lymphatic drainage massage all in one applicator.

The Body Contouring Procedure

A body shaping procedure begins with the measurement of fat thickness in the desired area and marking of the Coupling lotion is then applied to the procedure area. The ergonomically designed handpiece is placed over the first location and the session will be activated via a user-friendly intuitive interface.

The customer feels the vacuum increasing as the skin is drawn into the handpiece, together with continuous protective cooling. The Uniform Ultrasound will then begin leading to a warm sensation. The Ultrasound is followed by an additional emission of Radio Frequency.

This cycle will be accompanied by a countdown timer that will automatically stop once completed. The procedure duration depends on the number of SlimZones.

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