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Hair Removal

With the ever-increasing popularity of laser hair removal, the ability to offer unsurpassed results to the greatest range of patients is crucial. Lumenis products have led the way in high patient satisfaction and making effective hair removal a mainstay of leading aesthetic practices.

With both the LightSheer diode lasers and IPL systems for hair removal, physicians are able to:

  • Provide a treatment regimen, which results in long lasting hair removal, permanent hair reduction and high patient satisfaction.
  • Effectively treat virtually all hair colours and hair textures
  • Remove hair from all skin types (Fitzpatrick Skin Types I - VI) and tanned skin.
  • Quickly and efficiently eliminate hair from all parts of the body, regardless of follicle depth or how large or small the area. This includes sensitive areas like the lip, under the arms, and around the bikini line, as well as large areas like a man's back or a pair of woman's legs
  • Perform successful hair removal with minimal patient discomfort, side effects or interruption of routine activities
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