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A customizable laser solution with proven results

With continual, sustained growth in demand for medical aesthetic procedures which combat sings of ageing, Viora’s V-Nd:YAG handpiece is primed to produce dramatic, long lasting results for the treatment of vascular lesions, skin rejuvenation, as well as dark skin hair removal.

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V-Nd:YAG is highly versatile allowing for complete treatment personalization and a wide range of offerings meaning you can invest less and deliver more. With Viora’s integrated PulseConfigurythm PCRTM proprietary technology and interchangeable spot sizes, you can fulfil all of your patients’ needs with the highest level of efficacy. The addition of contact cooling adds an additional layer of safety leaving your patients feeling calm and comfortable.

Interchangeable Spot Sizes
Quickly change between sizes for more efficient treatments and greater versatility.
Ergonomic Design

Molded grip with multiple trigger inputs for ease of use and comfort.
Interactive GUI

Simple and intuitive interface allowing you to focus on the treatment.

Give your patients life changing results with no downtime with Viora’s industry leading laser technology and treatment protocols. Viora works hard to ensure you get the maximum possible return on investment in addition to full clinical training, sales and marketing support across the entire product range.

Integrated Technologies


Viora’s proprietary PCR™ technology allows full control and customization of the pulse duration and frequency. This means tailored treatments specific to each patient’s skin type and specific symptoms.

PCR™ enables more treatment possibilities with increased safety and more effective outcomes as a results of the high level of configuration.

Contact Cooling

Contact Cooling ensures all patients receive treatments with the highest level of safety possible.

In addition to safety, Contact Cooling ensures the most comfortable treatment possible with minimal downtime, something greatly appreciated by your patients.


Not only does the V-Nd:YAG poses some of the most exciting technology in recent years, it is also highly adaptable to the ever changing medical aesthetic treatment industry and enables continued expansion and growth of your clinic or practice.

V-Nd:YAG integrates with Viora’s award winning V-30 platform meaning you can provide more options for your patients and combination treatments putting you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.

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